TrichoZed Thinning Hair Treatment

Where to buy trichozed  hair loss vitamins

Where to buy Trichozed hair loss vitamins

A thinning hair treatment for men and women is not very common because so many hair loss vitamins are created just for men. So what thinning hair treatment works well for men that can be used by women also? Trichozed is the answer because it does not contain Saw palmetto as the active ingredient, in fact there are many more effective botanical ingredients that can treat hair thinning in women like those found in TrichoZed..

The manufacturer says that taking this hair loss vitamin consecutively for 7 has been know to stop hair loss and can trigger hair re-growth within a month when taken properly. Taking a just 1 supplement two times a day (morning and evening) can provide noticeable results. Each bottle offers enough supply to last you a whole month.

Just like for men it’s a devastating issue for women with thinning hair or alopecia (clinical name), as the follicles under the scalp begin to shrink as the hair growth cycle begins to slow down until some follicles die off.

How Does TrichoZed Work?

As our body produces testosterone (more in men then women) anther hormone is produced called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that is leading contributor to hair thinning in women and men, in fact the higher levels of testosterone means the great the risk of thinning hair which is why dihydrotestosterone is consider to be the MAIN real cause of hair loss as a result of thinning hair.

The DHT prevents or obstructs the healthy blood supply to the hair follicle robbing the follicle of key nutrients needed for hair growth. The follicle slowly begins to starve and becomes thinner and thinner, this process is called follicle miniaturization. This is why the internet is plastered with information about thinning hair loss being influenced by the transformation of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). An enzyme called 5-alpha reductase influences the creation of DHT and TrichoZed restricts the production abilities of the  5-alpha reductase so less DHT is created in the body thus protecting the hair follicles.


How TrichoZed works.


With a botanical list of ingredients TrichoZed was specifically designed to help SLOW, STOP, and REVERSE thinning hair loss by disrupting the production of the alpha-5-reductase enzymes from testosterone to form the harmful DHT in the first place!

The TrichoZed pills work in a 3 step approach so that it can better control how to revive the hair follicles the fastest.

1st Step: It increases the blood supply to the hair follicle so that more vitamins and minerals reach the follicle to ensure proper nutrition.

2nd Step:  It prevents the formation and build up of harmful DHT formations on the hair follicle, which allows the nutrients from the increased blood supply to reach the hair follicle. It’s a DHT Blocker!!

3rd Step: Breaks down any current DHT build up on the hair follicles allowing the hair to begin to grow again thus promoting faster hair re-growth. The results you can expect to see within 30 to 45 days are a decrease in hair fall, the growth of thicker, fuller hair and the reversal of some gray hair. Take a look below at the many TrichoZed benefits you can expect to see.

TrichoZed for Women

Women still have some levels of testosterone being produced and when thos levels becom high thinning hair can be the result. There are two proven all natural hair loss treatments for women and they are TrichoZed and ProFollica .

TrichoZed Benefits List

The TrichoZed benefits list


Realistically TrichoZed can produce noticeable hair growth results quickly but in a majority of cases women and men have seen results after 45 days. If you choose TrichoZed for thinning hair then it’s recommended that you use it or any hair loss treatment for a minimum of 6 months.

TrichoZed Ingredients List

TrichoZed Ingredients List

TrichoZed Ingredients List

To better understand how TrichoZed works we you need to look at how each ingredient contributes to hair loss problems in men and women.

Also note that these ingredients are a 100% all natural herbal blend that does NOT contain anything chemical making it completely safe for women and men.

1) Indian Gooseberry (Emblica officinalis):

Emblica officinalis has been proven to be a very effective hair follicle growth simulator.

Vito studies suggested that Emblica officinalis possesses hair growth promoting activity, as it effectively enlarges size and prolongs the anagen phase of hair follicles .

Immunomodulatory, nutrient and anti-oxidantactivities of Emblica officinalis have been reported in scientific studies.

2) Gulancha tinospora (Tinospora cordifolia):

Tinospora cordifolia has been used as potent rejuvenator. It has also been used as general tonic to strengthen the human body systems. It possesses immunomodulatory, adaptogenic and anti-stress activities which help in prevention of hair loss.

3) Belliric myrobalan (Terminalia belerica):

Terminalia belerica has been used as Keshya (hair growth promoter) in traditional Indian system of medicine.

Terminalia belerica contains beta-sitosterol,which inhibits 5 alpha reductase enzyme, thereby blocking the formation of dihydrotestosteron (DHT) Decrease level of DHT may prevent shrinking of local terminal hair follicles of scalp.

4) Fenugreek (Triagonella foenum graecum):

Triagonella foenum graecum contains a class of phyto-compounds called phytoantiandrogens, such as stearic-acid, palmitic-acid and beta-sitosterol, which decrease tissue sensitivity to androgens or decrease androgenic activity.

Triagonella foenum graecum also inhibits 5-alpha-reductase enzyme and blocks the formation of dihydrotestosteron (DTH).

5) Trailing eclipta (Eclipta alba):

Eclipta alba has been used as Keshya (hair growth promoter). It has also been used as rejuvenator and tonic. It improves the immunity and body strength.

6) Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra):

Glycyrrhiza glabra has been used as Keshya (hair growth promoter). It nourishes and strengthens the body system due to its potent rejuvenating activity.It also possess anti-oxidant activity

7) Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum):

Ocimum sanctum contains a class of phyto-compounds called phytoantidrogens, such as stearic-acid, palmitic-acid and beta-sitosterol decrease tissue sensitivity to androgens or decrease androgenic activity.

Ocimum sanctum inhibits 5-alpha-reductase enzyme and blocks the formation of dihydrotestosteron (DTH). It also possesses adaptogenic and anti-stressor activities.

Proper TrichoZed Dosage


TrichoZed Money Back

TrichoZed Money Back

Take 2 capsules daily with a full glass of water. It’s recommended that you take one capsule in the morning and one before bed to ensure the correct TrichoZed dosage is in your system for the full 24 hours.  Each bottle is a 1 month supply and contains 60 capsules of TrichoZed hair loss vitamins.

As you can now see, the ingredients of TrichoZed have been careful selected to give you best results without any unwanted side-effects! Are you ready to get your hair back? There is a full 90 – day money back guarantee that covers you if you want to try the all natural treatment for thinning hair.

With a 90% success rate seen in the clinical studies you should be ready to order your TrichoZed today!

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