Saw Palmetto Hair Loss Vitamin Reviews

If you’re not really sure that saw palmetto vitamins work for hair loss it’s always best to ask customers who have used it for their thinning hair issues. Here is a real saw palmetto review from young man who has taken some saw palmetto supplements to reverse his hair loss.

What he talks about in this video is a saw palmetto extract they he has been taking just on it’s own which is NOT recommended because although it does work individually it can work much better when taken with other hair loss ingredients that can magnify the effects, for example biotin and zinc.

Your best option for success is to take a hair loss vitamin like Provillus or Trichozed because these supplements contain saw palmetto extract and other key ingredients needed for hair growth.

What you can learn is his experience while taking the saw palmetto supplements and what results he has seen.

Saw Palmetto Hair Loss Vitamin Reviews



Saw Palmetto Vitamins Review

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