Saw Palmetto for Women

Women can use saw palmetto for women’s hair loss even though it was originally designed just men with prostate issues but it’s not recommended. Because of the effects saw palmetto has on female hormones, women can benefit more from a treatment like TrichoZed or Profollica.

Now in fact women should not use saw palmetto to block DHT build up on hair follicles BUT women cannot use just any saw palmetto supplements because if it’s too strong there could be side effects and for the small amount of benefits it’s not worth it. For females there is a short list of proven but safe thinning hair treatments available and I have listed them below and why they work best.

Here we will take a look supplements that are NOT saw palmetto for women and focus on safer, better options for female thinning hair and the causes that proven supplements for women can offer because they contain better ingredients for treating female hair loss, like horsetail silica or Emblica Officinalis and certain blends of amino acids that will work best for women.

saw palmetto for women with hair loss

Trichozed is Saw palmetto for women with hair loss.


Understanding the causes of female hair Loss?


Female Telogen Effluvium

There are a number of cause associated with female hair loss including, severe illness or major surgery as both of these can cause stress in the body which can alter female hormones. The same holds true for men but just not as often or in many cases not as sever. When this type of stress shocks the body then a large amount of hair can come out (Sudden hair loss) at one time and last for a few days leaving the scalp with noticeable thinning areas. The good is that this is usually temporary and is often only related to physical or emotional stress called Telogen effluvium. Hair loss vitamins found in TrichoZed and Provillus for women can help speed thinning hair recovery.

Poor Diet

This is more common than you think! When the body doesn’t receive the proper nutritional this can trigger hormonal issues that may also contribute to thinning hair loss. Hair follicles need vitamins and minerals the same as the rest of the body in order to grow and when certain parts like the hair follicle are deficient then the follicles shrink smaller making for thinner hair. Beef up your diet with certain foods packed with hair loss vitamins like fish, nuts, oysters, sweet potatoes, eggs greens and Greek yogurt just to name a few. Supplements like saw palmetto for women are not that great of an option but certain vitamins like Biotin, Zinc and Horsetail can offer many more benefits and these are found in products like TrichoZed and Provillus for women making these the best options.

Thyroid Hormone

Women with a thyroid gland that is overactive or under-active can trigger sudden hair fall or thinning hair over time. This type hair loss usually can be reversed by normalizing levels of thyroid hormone.

Non-prescription treatments like hair loss vitamins that can be bought over the counter or online can help control the thyroid and hormonal fluctuation. Supplements like TrichoZed and Provillus for women work very well for this issue.

Prescription drugs


One of the most overlooked causes are prescription drugs! Depending on the types certain ones can cause hair loss that usually improves when medication is stopped. These consist of blood thinners, birth control pills and some antidepressants, in addition to medications utilized for gout pain, seizures, arthritis, heart problems, and hypertension. Going through radiation treatment or radiation may cause short-term hair loss that typically re-grows when treatments are finished. Again proven supplements like TrichoZed and Provillus for women will help get your hair growing again, faster than without any form of treatment at all.


There are specific fungal infections of the scalp that can trigger patchy hair loss and bald spots. In these cases it will feel like a big zit on the side of your head or an ingrown hair in which case infection sets in and can neutralize hair follicles in that area. It is possible to treat it quickly before it actually kills the hair follicles and in many cases the hair will grow back over time so you should consider taking proven hair loss vitamins.

Other Common Causes

Hair loss may likewise occur as part of an underlying illness, such as diabetes, iron or lupus deficiency anemia.

Hair loss might also happen if male or female hormones are out of balance. Lots of ladies see hair loss about 3 months after they have actually had a child.

Lastly, particular hair treatments that utilize chemical dyes, bleaches, and correcting or curling representatives, can harm hair and trigger it to break off if made use of incorrectly or frequently. Excessive brushing, styling or combing of hair can damage the hair shaft or roots, also triggering it to fall out or break. Severe pulling or twisting of hair can eventually leave patches of baldness, specifically when it ends up being compulsive and unrestrained.

Trichozed is Better Than Saw Palmetto for Women


Saw Palmetto for Women is TrichoZed

The Best Hair Loss Vitamins for Women is TrichoZed

TrichoZed is not just for men it can be used by women also. The formulas is the most effective natural thinning hair loss remedy for men and women. It’s made with a carefully selected combination of herbs including biotin and Fenugreek. Because TrichoZed is a 100% botanical formulation it’s completely safe with no clinically reported side effects. These hair loss vitamins have undergone strict clinical tests in world recognized labs and clinics and have yielded positively outstanding results to millions of women and men all over the world.

Based on customer reviews from both men and women it’s reported that 80% of those who tried TrichoZed have communicated a significant reduction in their thinning hair, in fact, they claim it was 50 times more effective than other products they have tried including saw palmetto for women.

Just like in most of the men’s formulas the saw palmetto in the TrichoZed vitamins are blended into a unique formula that effectively protects the hair follicles and not only blocks DHT it removes it from the hair follicles, reactivating the follicles with an increase of blood flow to the scalp, providing the required nourishment to the follicles, improving both the mineral and vitamin balance required to grow hair.

The benefits of saw palmetto for women


Trichozed before and after picture

Trichozed before and after picture.

There are several benefits for women who use Trichozed herbal hair growth vitamins and they are as follows,

  • Hormonal stabilization
  • Proper vitamins and mineral for hair
  • Reverse the effects of Telogen effluvium
  • Better thyroid hormone control
  • Shiny and smoother hair
  • Prevents split ends
  • Stops sudden hair fall
  • Faster hair regrow
  • Reverses scalp damage from chemicals
  • Better dandruff control

Shampooing can help with some minor hair issues but women need vitamins to control the health of the hair from the inside and prevent further hair fall and hair loss vitamins that contain saw palmetto for women like Trichozed can help get your hair back to normal.

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