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About Us at hair loss buyers guide.com

Richard Jarvis For Hair Loss Buyers Guide.com.

About Us at Hair Loss Buyers Guide.com


We are RJEstores located in Picton, Ontario, Canada and we are authorized affiliates for all the hair loss treatment options listed on this website – Hair Loss Buying Guide. We are a family owned and operated company with real home town value because our reputation is on the line with every product sold through our website.

My affiliation with the products and services offered here is because I am the owner of hairlossbuyersguide.com and I have personally bought every product myself that I have listed on the website and I have my friends and their friends and family try them to see if the products meet customer expectations. If they do then I interview the manufacturers and if they pass, I add their products to my website here to help consumers buy only those hair loss treatments that really work.

This is how I know how well the products work, what the the real shipping times are and if the manufacturers really support their products. Many hair loss treatment options do not make it onto this website because they do not work or the manufactures offer poor customer support. Only proven hair loss treatment are found here on this website.

We also offer free information about each product to help you understand if that treatment option will work for you before you buy it. Like many products online today some are in fact scams or snake oil products that do not work or the manufacturers are fake scams out just to take your money. We sift through all the many products and their manufacturers and list only those that have evidence to support the claims of hair regrowth or hair loss prevention.

You can buy with confidence knowing that every product here has been held in my hand personally and has been tested on real people that offered real customer reviews on the effectiveness of the hair loss treatment. It’s very hard to argue the fact that hair loss vitamins don’t really work when I have thousands of repeat customers telling me these treatments really do work.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to us our Contact us page as I check these emails everyday.

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